Most Angel Networks have a similar process for helping startups in fund-raising:

  1. Submission of story/presentation/ financial forecasts etc. by the startup to the Angels / Angel Networks
  2. Quick review and assessment by the analyst team, including clarifications and discussions with founders
  3. Angel Network shares selected start-ups (that meet the investment criteria) with the network members
  4. If there is an interest from the members, they engage in further Q&A / discussions with start-ups, and work towards agreeing on a term sheet for investment
  5. Signing of term sheet
  6. Completion of due diligence (both Legal and Financial)
  7. Finalization of shareholders agreement (SHA) and conclusion of the fund-raise deal

Overview of the information sharing / document centric process:


  • Phase-1 (Click here for details)
    • Presentation deck 
    • Financial Model 
  • Phase- 2 (Click here for details)
    • Legal Due Diligence 
    • Financial Due Diligence 

Post Investment- (Click here for details)